NITC Brazing Continuity Update

What you need to know.

• Only authorized representatives of an employer may submit proof that the brazer has used the brazing process within a six month period on this site.

• You must agree to the security section. If you are not authorized, you will cause the brazers certification to be declared invalid.

• The entire continuity form must be filled out correctly.

• You must submit payment by credit card when prompted to complete the continuity process.

General requirements:

I certify under penalty of perjury that I am authorized to submit proof that the individual(s) has successfully brazed using the procedure set forth by National ITC Corporation, BPS98-101, and has not exceeded a period of six (6) months without making a braze to this procedure. I understand that intentional falsification of any required information will invalidate the individual's certification and may subject me to applicable legal penalties.

I have read and understand the requirements for submitting proof that the individual(s) has used the brazing process in the last six months.